WY3D2588Woodstock, Vermont’s notoriety as a picture-perfect, postcard town has charmed visitors since the late 1800s. Last summer and fall, we were hired by the Woodstock Inn and Resort to capture their guest experience and what it really “feels like” to be a guest of the Woodstock Inn.

This meant not just photographing the amenities of the the luxurious property and all the fantastic offerings of the surrounding area, but doing it creatively with the use of people in each scenario.  Capturing the “lifestyle” of a stay at any property poses some very specific challenges, not the least of which is selecting the right people to embody that properties’ guest. For this challenge, we first had to carefully cast the right people to be in each of the meticulously planned scenario, deciding which scenes would warrant the talent of professional models and for which we could use “locals”.  Hair, makeup and wardrobe also had to be carefully considered.

After being delayed by rain on three separate occasions and dealing with the stress and logistics of having to reschedule our models each time (ahh, gotta love Vermont weather), we employed a “Day in the life” approach, where we shot for 4 days, sunup to sundown in order to tell the story of “A Stay at the Woodstock Inn”. The imagery that we created for this new body of work is now being used for The Woodstock Inn’s newly redesigned website as well as other marketing materials.
Please enjoy a selection of these images below and be sure to check out the Woodstock Inn and Resort at www.woodstockinn.com.




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