Have you noticed Keurig Green Mountain Coffee’s new packaging on the shelves lately?  Last year we started the year off with a bang creating many of the new K-cup package location images. Now that more of them have been released, we can let the cat out of the bag!

Our travels started in early January, with Rick Slade  – Keurig’s Creative director, Hannah Hassler – Keurig’s photo coordinator along with a freelance producer, photographing giraffe’s for Kenya Blend at Safari West game park in Santa Rosa CA.  We had the location to ourselves for 2 days – being there, you could swear you’re out on the Serengeti! Heavy rains and flooding in previous weeks along with freezing temps made it a bit of challenging shoot, but the sun cooperated as did our long necked friends (with a little help from the parks “wrangler”).

We then drove down the coast on beautiful Highway 1 to San Francisco where we flew to San Diego, put on our shorts and met the crew to shoot Columbia Blend. Our focus was the oldest mission in San Diego, Basilica San Diego Alcala. Its traditional Spanish architecture and great afternoon light helped us capture a classic view of the arched belfry tower – an icon of the Columbian culture.

From sunny California it was back to Vermont and a -27° degree winter reality check. Pre-dawn, we loaded our crew, gear and 2 skiers onto the Snow-Cat and headed up to the summit of Mount Ellen at Sugarbush to shoot Double Black Diamond Blend. Hiking up and down the mountain to gain different vantage points, we shot multiple locations and many takes in order to capture the steepness and difficulty of the trail. After an exhausting and frigid few hours, I hitched a toboggan ride down to the mid-way warming hut to thaw. I’d like my shorts back, please.

Our next challenge was to create a “summery” image of the Brant Point lighthouse on Nantucket Island for Nantucket Blend. Hmm, Nantucket in January? We were blessed with good weather and no snow for the few days we were there. Just a week later, the island was hit with 2 feet of snow, power outages and no ferry service. Prayer answered.

Back to Vermont to regroup for 3 days and then we were off to Paris and French Roast! Okay, how do you photograph the Eiffel Tower, “the worlds most photographed landmark” in a new and different way that was exclusive to the brand?  Intense planning went into producing this shoot and with the aid of our outstanding Parisian producers our week in France went without a hitch. Shooting the tower with a rooftop cafe scene, street and Seine river views made for beautiful photographs and once again, we managed to shoot between the raindrops and snow flakes of January.

In the months that followed, we created many other images for their new packaging and flavors. You can see some of these images here as well. Enjoy!


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