Vermont Life Magazine – Spring 2012

Cov1_VermontLife_Sp12When I moved to Vermont in January of 1996, one of my aspirations was to be published in the magazine that drew me to the state in the first place. Well, here it is 16 years later and I’m a regular contributor to Vermont Life.  My work is featured in the current spring issue in the Vermont Gallerysection as well as on the cover. It’s always nice to get the cover – the excitement never gets old. Maybe as creatives, we need the continued validation or maybe it’s just nice to know that an editor appreciates your vision and the way in which you see things. Or maybe it’s just fun to show your family and friends, that becoming a photographer for a living wasn’t such a crazy idea after all. Maybe all of the above. Regardless, I’m just happy to share some of the beauty of Vermont with……. all of you.