Smart Press for Architect Christopher Smith and the River House

living_roomaBack in 2010 we photographed this unique residence for landscape architects H. Keith Wagner Partnership (Look familiar?  We posted a blog about our shoot on August 31st, 2010 – “River House Residence”. Take another look!). Although our 2010 shoot focused primarily on the landscape design, of course I just had to take a peek inside this unlikely Vermont dwelling. I barely had my foot through the door when I knew that a publisher would jump at the chance to feature the home in its entirety. I called my good friend and stylist Karin Lidbeck Brent, field editor for New England Home magazine, as I felt it would be a great fit for them. Karin then paid a visit to the home, the editors of NEH loved it and we scheduled the shoot for summer 2011.

So now we’ve come full circle. It’s spring 2012, and we’re happy to see it published in the May/ June issue of New England Home. We were even happier when Kyle Hoepner, editor of NEH, informed us that the residence would also be featured on the cover. For all the architects, builders and designers out there looking for this kind of press, just consider how this article has the potential to reach more than150,000 viewers and perspective home builders. Meg Smith, a long time public relations professional who began her career representing architects and developers commented on this New England Home coverage.  “A visual image is very powerful, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, a cover photo is worth ten times that in impact. Good photography is essential, whether it’s for print or digital representation. It really makes all the difference in how one’s work is perceived.” Architect, Christopher Smith sure doesn’t mind the mass regional and national exposure either. Please take a minute to read the full article here.

All that said, I encourage you to contact me if you have a unique project that you would like to see in print. The publications that I work with are always looking for interesting work and if you’ve got a great project, I’d be happy to pitch it to them.