Sinclair Lewis and Soufflé Pancakes-Twin Farms


“Steeped in romance and folklore, Twin Farms is Vermont’s only luxury, five-star experience. Ensconced in 300 pastoral acres, the property boasts a sophisticated yet eccentric museum quality art collection throughout 20 uniquely-designed accommodations. Every detail of your stay is customized as you indulge in gourmet meals and fine wine while relaxing in the the natural beauty of this truly amazing property.” – Twin Farms

It’s hard to put into words all that is Twin Farms. Nestled in the Barnard countryside, I get the sense that it’s one of Vermont’s best kept luxury secrets. The property is a combination of old-world charm, eclectic Americana and some of the most impressive architecture by world renowned designers that you’ll ever see.  Oh yes, and don’t forget the 20,000 bottle wine collection.

For a great overview of the Twin farm’s experience and its history, take a moment to read this review from Affluent Magazine.

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of shooting on this extraordinary property for the third time. We’ve been entrusted to create an extensive body of new imagery for the resort, picking away at it one season at a time in order to enhance their newly redesigned website and update their marketing materials. As a photographer, I have to admit that I could barely contain my excitement the first time I visited the property. Everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes. Pastoral vistas and mountain views, lavish interiors and lush vignettes of nature abound with each season wearing its own unique character.

Although we’ve only scratched the surface (we’ve not yet photographed a single guest room!), I thought I’d share just a taste of Twin Farms with you. Here is a selection of images from our recent shoots. Enjoy your stay…


wine_cellar_2 copyWhen you walk down the narrow spiral staircase that leads to the wine cellar, you can’t help but feel you’ve entered some secluded European grotto. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I immediately knew that the challenge of conveying the feeling of the space would be in the lighting. But first, how do we squeeze our equipment down those stairs?

We used nine lights to romance what otherwise (in digital capture) would have been a wine “cave” and our talented Boston stylist, Kelly McGuill added her touch to further enhance the mood.























Wine manager, Eric Reichenbach selects and manages Twin Farms extensive collection. The part of his job he most enjoys is serving and educating guests about fine wine. But his duties also include scouting and purchasing new wines, and selecting all pairings based on the meals Chef Ted Ask creates that day.






“I agreed to help out with the wine program at Twin Farms for two weeks. That was in 1998.”





















spa_entryWY3D7200 copyPictured here is the cozy and inviting entry to The Out of the Woods Spa. The facility features glass brick steam rooms, a 104° Japanese Furo (bath house) and products designed especially for Twin Farms by Arcania Apothecary of England.




























I always welcome the challenge of creating an ambiance in a florescent lighted workspace. Executive Pastry Chef, Christopher Wilson, prepares artisanal breads, viennosierie, plated desserts and chocolate daily.WY3D6095

“My primary job is to take inspiration from our local producers, nature, and the short Vermont seasons, and translate those ideas to our house made jams, breads, breakfast goodies, or plated desserts.”JW_6009


Perched on a hillside overlooking one of the property’s private ponds, the Farmhouse at Copper Hill is one of the 20 uniquely-designed accommodations on property._MG_7203 copyIMG_8044










Waiting for the drama of “magic hour” (in reality, it’s about 10 minutes), Bill, Lenny and the rest of the crew carefully light and style the interior space.
























Designed by renowned architect Peter Bohlin, the library and lounge area connect the 4 private suites.farmhouse_interiorWY3D7205

We love the challenge of creating believable sunlight on a gloomy day.


































Described as “sophisticated yet eccentric,” the collection of art adorning every room boasts names such as Donald Roller Wilson, Jasper Johns, Nam June Paik and William Bailey.















Given artistic license, we chose to compose and light each piece of art in its own “painterly” vignette.






























































































JW_6401There are no menus at Twin Farms. Chef Ted Ask builds daily meals based on fresh locally-grown foods. Guests are invited to share their dietary preferences through a detailed questionnaire before they arrive for their stay. Each carefully crafted meal allows them to explore a new interpretation of their favorite fare.







“Never forget to taste what today offers.”





















































Open 24/7 to guests, The Pub offers billiards, English darts, a Steinway grand piano, a vintage jukebox and of course a well stocked bar.




Some additional vignettes at The Farmhouse…


WY3D6875 copy





























WY3D6860 copy

Until next time…

Be sure to visit the Twin Farms website to learn more about this truly unique and impressive resort.

The malts are always sweeter on the other side of the lake: An assistants perspective

Here are some images to warm you up on this cold winter’s day…

First things first. It has become somewhat of a tradition whenever we shoot “on the other side of the lake” (Lake Champlain, that is), to procure a malted milk shake at the closest Stewarts ice cream shop. Not to worry, we don’t expense this. Personally I prefer vanilla, extra thick, extra malt. Jim? Always the same; coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup, extra malt, extra thick and his signature ingredient, chocolate sprinkles.

Our destination this particular evening was the newly renovated High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid, NY. We were there for an extensive two day shoot that would include photography of guest rooms, pub life, dining, fitness amenities, paddle boating, swimming and kayaking. On larger shoots like this we prefer to work as a team of three to maximize our efficiency for the tight shooting schedule. Joining us for the shoot was our favorite second assistant, Lenny Christopher and though he’s not a “malt convert” he humored us with a strawberry shake.

The resort’s property extends from it’s main campus to the shores of beautiful Mirror Lake. It was the Mirror Lake extension where we would begin our shoot, June 29th at 5:15AM. The date is important, as it is only a little over a week since the summer solstice. Sunrise was 5:11am (we’re up at 4:00 a.m.) and sunset 8:42pm. If you’ve scheduled a resort shoot for this time of year, your client is very happy – more daylight; more shots to squeeze into the very long day. As the photographer, your equally as happy, as you are tired (right around hour 13 we all start getting a little punchy).

 5:15 a.m. Waterfront


The directive for the shoot was to capture the “lifestyle” of the resort while showing it’s ambiance and character. This meant including people in as many of the images as possible. While some properties will hire professional models,  HPR prefered to go with the “real people” look in an effort to share a slice of “real life” at the resort with potential guests.  Lori Fitzgerald, marketing director,  sent out a casting call through Facebook to all of their fans, and people responded…
Outdoor dining at Dancing Bears Restaurant
Deluxe Waterfront Accommodations
Named for local dignitary, Mr. Peter Roland, whose family began the history of hospitality in this location nearly 100 years ago, PR’s is the resort’s elegant lobby bar. Rich architectural woodwork harken back to the property’s century-old history as a bed and breakfast.
Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Dancing Bears Restaurant features cozy street-side, family-friendly dining (our little model loved the spotlight).
The outdoor dining area and bar at Dancing Bears offers spectacular views of the mountains and Mirror Lake. And yes, our “models” really were having fun…